Unique collaboration between Securitas and Peripass in the logistics sector

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Conquering the logistics world with powerful hardware combined with smart software. Securitas and Peripass have joined forces to optimise processes at logistics sites and make them safer. From an old-fashioned Excel spreadsheet to smart automated access control. Security specialist Paul van Beek explains how that works. 

‘Trucks coming and going, docking, loading and unloading large quantities of freight; distribution centres are hives of activity where there is always something going on. With everything that entails,’ says Van Beek. ‘From delays, language barriers and grey areas in safety procedures to congestion on public roads. Without smart solutions, at least two to three employees are needed to handle trips, check waybills and go through safety instructions.’

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Organising processes efficiently

The realisation that things need to change and that change was possible was clear as day to Securitas. ‘In the past, we came up with a number of business cases and developed software that showed how processes could be organised more efficiently. Take the example of loading and/or unloading in the evening and granting access to a site based on number plate registration. We were convinced that there were huge time savings and efficiency gains to be made, especially with smart technology. And then Peripass came our way. They, too, were focused on developments in this sector. Our ideas dovetailed perfectly.’

Peripass’s expertise in yard management combined with Securitas’s innovative hardware security solutions offers unique opportunities. ‘You could describe our solution as a one-stop shop for distribution centres,’ Van Beek observes. ‘Not only in terms of consultancy, software and hardware, but also as regards raising the level of security and complying with guidelines and certifications. Together, we come up with solutions that offer truck drivers autonomous, contactless and secure ways to sign in. By means of vehicle detection and recognition, among other things.’

Barriers and sensors

Securitas self-service kiosks, ANPR cameras, barriers and sensors work seamlessly with Peripass software. ‘Our installation ensures that information is made available. Peripass software then ensures that a process is initiated. For example, thanks to the link with the Warehouse Management System (WMS), we can send information about a consignment or a waybill to a transport company and request data about the transport. Based on that information, a waybill number can then be linked to a truck and/or driver.’

‘‘This ramps up efficiency when it comes to registration,’ says Van Beek. ‘The moment a driver arrives, his number plate is read and recognised. If he then enters his waybill code on the column, the barrier will open automatically. The driver no longer needs to get out of his cab and can read all the information on screen in his own language. A driver can even view the safety instructions from the comfort of his own truck. These can be shown in advance online, but also as part of the registration process.’

Added value

According to Van Beek, the system offers significant benefits. ‘The added value is twofold,’ he says. ‘First, it gives you control over your logistics processes. And second, this system enables you to ensure that drivers have access to the premises at set times. This makes a whole range of processes more manageable. Productivity increases, you can deploy personnel more efficiently, and there is less chance of mistakes and collisions on site.’

The collaboration between Securitas and Peripass also represents a step forward from a security perspective. ‘In addition to managing the risk of theft or illicit additions to the load (e.g. drugs), distribution centres are being expected to meet more and more safety and security requirements. For example, clients increasingly expect them to be TAPA certified, HACCP certified (if the cargo contains food) or ISPS certified if the site is part of a port area. The power of our solution is that we can provide customised solutions for each sector.’

Complete innovation

By joining forces, Van Beek is convinced that Securitas and Peripass can offer their customers a tailor-made solution. ‘With our joint solution, we are bringing additional levels of security to an industry that requires specific solutions. Our cooperation is based on complete innovation and that makes it very interesting to many companies in this sector. Of course, it will appeal to companies with a natural tendency to choose innovation-driven solutions. But it will also win over companies looking for efficiencies and additional control. Besides these considerations, many distribution centres have experienced significant growth in recent years. Eventually there comes a time when you simply have to go digital and professionalise.’

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